Location Centre

Location Centre is developed and managed by thinkWhere Ltd.

Simplifying GIS

Location Centre is our innovative, hosted web service that makes GIS easy. You can use it to view, analyse, query, publish and report on location-based information and business data in your browser, providing you with the functionality of a desktop GIS, without the hassle.

The solution is easily integrated and gives you access to a variety of Ordnance Survey and third party datasets that are constantly being updated and maintained by our team of specialist consultants. Simply add your own geographic business data and the power of GIS can be unlocked for your organisation.

Location Centre has been designed to make life easy for the user. The simplicity of the user interface means that everyone can experience the benefits from GIS, using a standard web browser. If help is required, access to a dedicated service desk is included with the package.

This web based GIS solution also lets you publish targeted business applications to selected users. It comes complete with innovative web articles that let you quickly publish geographic information within your own website, without the need for a technical expert.

Importantly, Location Centre reduces the costs of data management, infrastructure and licence costs and removes all the traditional barriers associated with GIS, such as long lead times, and the technical complexities of operating your own GIS infrastructure.

The simple subscription model enables you to plan costs and budget for your service provision and is highly scalable, providing customers with the flexibility to increase or decrease number of users and data volumes.

Location Centre frees you up to focus on using GIS to its full potential and reap the business benefits from better informed business decisions, improved operational efficiency and reduced operating costs.

This powerful GIS solution that can be quickly deployed across your organisation with minimum effort and cost. To find out how, please visit our main website or call us on 01786 476060.